We have used Strategic Growth for three engagements and each time they have done a fantastic job for us! We recently acquired another company and needed to migrate them from ZenDesk to Service Cloud. The Strategic Growth Consultant we have had the pleasure of working with is not only knowledgeable, but very professional and most importantly very responsive. We appreciate all your help and will continue to speak highly of Strategic Growth in the future.”

- Michael Hoffman, Director of Sales, DialogTech
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Hassett Express

“We needed a platform to ensure that our sales teams were united in their customer communication. With the help of Strategic Growth, we were able to deploy a world-class sales and customer profile tracking solution, that helps us to easily measure productivity and sales effectiveness. Salesforce is a powerful tool and we are glad to have engaged with a business partner that knows how to leverage it. Thank you.”

- Adina Iclozan, IT Director, Hassett Express, LLC
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American Specialty Pharmacy, Inc.

“We needed a way to manage our client/provider relationship model and engaged Strategic Growth to assist us with this effort. Our consultant really took the time to understand our requirements and always made himself available for any questions or concerns that we had. His professionalism and expertise were top notch and we will definitely be partnering with Strategic Growth again for our next project.

- Fawad Doost, IT/Creative Director, American Specialty Pharmacy, Inc.
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Caliber Home Loans

“We engaged Strategic Growth to assist with implementing to enable both our Correspondent and Wholesale channels to effectively manage their Accounts, Contacts, and Activities. The project proved challenging as we tried to find creative ways to build out our complex process using the limited functionality of the Professional Edition of Salesforce. Despite this challenge, our consultant was patient, professional, and responsive while always offering alternative solutions to overcome our complex requirements. We will definitely consider using Strategic Growth for future projects as they have proven to be a valuable partner.”

- Butch Story, Director of Production Support Correspondent Lending, Caliber Home Loans
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We engaged Strategic Growth to assist with moving from Salesforce Professional edition to Enterprise edition. Strategic Growth, Inc. took the time to understand our business and proved the best solution to meet our business needs. We highly recommend them and would use them again for future projects.

- Chris Fleck, Controller, Bluewater, Inc.
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Our organization acquired a company that was already using the Professional Edition of, but it did not provide the functionality we needed to support our complex sales and marketing processes. We engaged Strategic Growth to help us with the upgrade and optimization of Enterprise Edition and it has been a great experience. Our consultant was professional and thorough, and was always willing to take the time to educate us on Salesforce best practices. I would definitely recommend Strategic Growth as a valued partner and we look forward to doing business with them again as our company continues to grow.

- Patrick Haley, Sales Operations Manager, Masergy
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Integrity Digital Solutions, LLC

“Our Strategic Growth, Inc. consultant delivered an easy to use solution on-time and on-budget. We now have much clearer visibility into our monthly recurring revenue pipeline and a better understanding of what our sales people are doing to close deals.

- Julia Thomasson, Business Development, Integrity Digital Solutions, LLC
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“Strategic Growth handled our optimization even better than we expected. Our consultant did an excellent job from beginning to end of learning our current implementation, business processes and how best to adopt them into the application to get the most out of our Salesforce instance. Our team had some negative experiences with Sales Processes and CRM applications but he walked us through how he would change those experiences and lead us down the path to great things! We now have tremendous buy-in to the application and are seeing great results out of our usage. Our consultant worked hard to keep everyone engaged, stopping often to ensure everyone understood each concept. I find myself looking for other inefficiencies in our processes so that I can turn to Strategic Growth again for their expertise.

- Kara MacDonald, Marketing Manager, HCSS
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G&A Partners

“G&A Partners has been using Sales Cloud for several years. When it came to rolling out Service Cloud, we had very little experience so we hired Strategic Growth to assist. We went live with Service Cloud in record time and Strategic Growth was an excellent partner in helping guide us and provide best practices.

- Scott Young, Director Technology & Process Improvement, G&A Partners
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“Strategic Growth has been an invaluable partner in our SalesForce implementation. From the design process to final sign-off they have been right on target analyzing the unique requirements of our business and customizing solutions. They completed our implementation early and under budget. Experienced, knowledgeable, and professional is how I would describe the entire Strategic Growth team.”

- Tom Piatt, President, itemMaster
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Link Capital

“A Great Experience! The project was very organized from the start and flowed smoothly. It was obvious their experience and best practices contributed to their well-honed implementation process. Our consultant was always very responsive to our questions and requests. We look forward to doing business again in the future.”

- Emily Geitner, Director of Operations, Link Capital
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Sammons Financial Group, Inc.

Strategic Growth was an incredible resource and we were so pleased with them. Their level of excitement and knowledge was huge. The focus of the project was to provide our Sales VPs, Inbound and Outbound Sales Development, Reporting, Life Marketing and Communications teams with a platform to manage the agencies, agents and agent code hierarchies with sales and other agent data. We really enjoyed working with them and it was an excellent experience.”

- Doug Northup, Lead Sales Reporting & Technology, Sammons Financial Group, Inc.
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HydroHoist Marine Group

“Strategic Growth was great! They helped us implement our Lead and Opportunity management processes within The consultant worked with our team to fully understand all aspects of our B2B and B2C business models and the importance of following up on new leads and outstanding quotes. The management team now has a view of all activity across all of our regions and all of our lines of business. We were very impressed by the Strategic Growth implementation methodology and the knowledge, patience and professionalism of the consultant.

- Ron Martin, Director of Sales, HydroHoist Marine Group
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Myriad RBM, Inc.

We have completed three successful projects with Strategic Growth and they continue to be our trusted partner for all of our Salesforce implementation needs. During our most recent project, Strategic Growth optimized our use of Salesforce quotes. Their technical expertise is top notch, and we feel that they truly care about the overall success of Salesforce within our organization.”

- Tiffany Morris, Director of Marketing, Myriad RBM, Inc.
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“Strategic Growth handled our implementation even better than we expected. Our consultant did an excellent job from beginning to end. Our team had no experience with Sales Process or CRM applications and she walked us through each step. Our organization is global and this implementation was key for us. There were a lot of global eyes on this implementation as we are planning a much larger rollout. Strategic Growth did a great job handling the global aspect of the implementation and making recommendations to help mold the tool to meet our needs. Our consultant was committed to making sure we were configured correctly for the long term. For training, we flew in reps from around the world. Some of them did not speak English as a first language and were viewing Salesforce in different languages as well. Our consultant worked hard to keep everyone engaged, stopping often to ensure everyone understood each concept. They did a great job and we would definitely use Strategic Growth in the future.”

- Kim Hayes, Business Development Manager, Magnaflux
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Sapp Bros. Travel Centers, Inc.

“Sapp Brothers Petroleum & Travel Centers engaged Strategic Growth to implement Salesforce for use by its Sales and Marketing teams. As a result, we now have an enhanced ability to identify and close more cross-sell business across our two business units. In addition, we now have visibility into the overall relationship status of each customer from sale to invoice. We have a great relationship with Strategic Growth and they’ve done an excellent job listening to our needs and advising us.”

- Andy Richard, VP of Development, Sapp Bros. Travel Centers, Inc.
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ROMCO Equipment Co.

“Strategic Growth, Inc. got us up and running on Salesforce in record time. Our consultant did a remarkable job of translating our business process into a system that is easy to use and improves our efficiency. When we expand the use of Salesforce, we will definitely call on Strategic Growth again.”

- Steve Passmore, General Sales Manager, ROMCO Equipment Co.
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Live Marketing, Inc.

“Strategic Growth was extremely responsive during–and even after–our project was completed. They took the time to show and explain how features work so we could understand the “why,” and not just the “how” before making decisions. Their implementation methodology is also buttoned down and clear. We always knew what was happening and what was coming next. We are very pleased with the results and definitely recommend them!”

- Kristin Veach, Chief Communications and Growth Strategist, Live Marketing, Inc.
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National Consumer Panel

Strategic Growth was instrumental in helping us build a fully flexible and customizable website for our recruits and Partner Community for our vendors. Our consultants were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and experts in their field. We are very happy with the level of service we have received and look forward to working with them on our next project.”

- David Woltmann, Sr Director of IT, National Consumer Panel
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Emco Wheaton Corporation

“Emco Wheaton brought in Strategic Growth to implement, replacing and migrating data from an existing CRM. Our Strategic Growth consultant took the necessary time to ensure that she understood our current process from beginning to end, suggesting recommendations for improvement when appropriate. Our consultant was very knowledgeable, flexible, responsive, and kept us on track throughout the project. We had no issues with this implementation and would absolutely recommend Strategic Growth to others implementing Salesforce.”

- Darren Sabino, General Manager, Emco Wheaton Corporation
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Prince Manufacturing Corporation

“Prince Manufacturing engaged Strategic Growth to assist with our implementation of salesforce for our sales team. Our project manager was extremely knowledgeable and proactive in identifying best solutions, and helped uncover areas that would make our implementation extremely successful. We are pleased with their partnership and would recommend Strategic Growth to others.”

- Scott Knaack, VP of Sales, Prince Manufacturing Corporation
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Physicians Mutual

“Physicians Mutual engaged Strategic Growth to help deploy a robust lead distribution and management system built on the Sales Cloud and Partner Portal. Our requirement was to support the nationwide sales team of approximately 1,000 users. The partnership that was established during the engagement was outstanding. Strategic Growth was knowledgeable, efficient, easy to work with and extraordinarily responsive.

- Tom Garvey, Project Manager, Physicians Mutual
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iKey, Ltd.

“iKey recently engaged with Strategic Growth, Inc. to optimize our existing Salesforce instance. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and always help to validate our processes and recommend best practices for them. Our consultant on the project was professional, knowledgeable, and very responsive. Our team has now been trained to use the newly re-configured system in a way that enables us to generate the reports that we need.”

- Jim Mayo, CFO, iKey, Ltd.
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NovAtel, Inc.

“Novatel has completed one project with Strategic Growth, Inc. and we have plans for at least one more. Working with our Strategic Growth team has been absolutely great. We had implemented Salesforce on our own several years ago and realized that we were lacking expertise in best practices, configuration, and training. We are very glad that we made the decision to try again with the correct expertise behind us. Our consultant guided us every step of the way, letting us know when a task may be suited for Premier Support, which we were already paying for. We really appreciated that we could trust our consultant. Our consultant was great about responding to us quickly, answering our questions thoroughly, and following up. Novatel will be working with Strategic Growth, Inc. when we decide to begin using additional functionality and we have already referred others to them. Great project!”

- Steve Duncombe, VP of Sales, NovAtel, Inc.
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The Miracle Foundation

“The Miracle Foundation had a strong desire to have one integrated system to support all of our operations including donations, child sponsorships, orphanage and child demographic and healthcare database and metric reporting. With the primary goal of streamlining these processes and making our system of record, we hired Strategic Growth to enhance our Salesforce customization and to enable tightly coupled integration with our shopping cart. Thanks to the expertise of the Strategic Growth team, we now have staff in India utilizing the system for tracking housemother and life skills training, child medical and demographic data as well as an increased efficiency of our office staff with processing donations and sponsorships. The consultants at Strategic Growth were highly responsive and fantastic to work with. We look forward to continued relationship with the Strategic Growth team. “

- Elizabeth Davis, COO, The Miracle Foundation
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E.A. Langenfeld Associates

“E. A. Langenfeld Associates started using at the beginning of 2013 with the assistance of Strategic Growth. They did a fantastic job and were a true pleasure to work with. They provided best practices, configuration, tips and the benefit of their experience, which was a tremendous help. They taught us how to maintain and we plan on using Strategic Growth for our next phases of Salesforce implementation.”

- Tyler Lundt, Corporate Sales, E.A. Langenfeld Associates
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Goodman Networks

“Goodman Networks contacted Strategic Growth to assist in changes we are making to Salesforce. We have been nothing short of impressed by the work our consultant has provided for our company. Our consultant is knowledgable and has been an invaluable asset to our Salesforce re-vamp. She is readily available, always on-time, and is extremely professional. We are beyond pleased with her work and will be using her services anytime we need assistance with our instance of Salesforce.

- Abbie Young, Sales Operations Manager, Goodman Networks
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National Seminars Training

“Strategic Growth is our absolute go-to partner! Our Engagement Manager and Project Manager have been fantastic to work with from day 1. The team did an excellent job identifying and outlining the business requirements and kept the project moving along smoothly. They not only executed well, but they have consistently added value by offering best practices from their experience in other customer solutions. Our Project Manager is always very responsive and easy to work with. Strategic Growth has been instrumental in helping us with our Salesforce implementation and has continued to be a resource we can depend on.

- Travis Coffey, National Sales Manager, National Seminars Training
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Rotary Airlock, LLC

“We brought in Strategic Growth to assist us in implementing Salesforce for our sales process and they exceeded our expectations. They are absolute professionals in everything they do. Very thorough with attention to the details, it was obvious they are very experienced at doing what they do. The project couldn’t have gone any better.”

- Glen McClure Jr., Sales Director, Rotary Airlock, LLC
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ESCO Communications

“Esco Communications recently completed an implementation project with Strategic Growth, Inc. and could not be more pleased. Expectations were set early-on and clearly, so there were no surprises over the course of the project. Our consultant was very knowledgeable, prompt with her responses, and very professional. Our team had no experience exporting or migrating data and our consultant walked us through each step, answering questions along the way. The consultant made certain that the system was architected in a way that would not only be in the best interest of the personnel using the system, but would enable us to generate our requested reports. The ESCO project team is now able to capture data and generate the reports we need, which was our primary goal. The project and process was a pleasant experience overall. We would definitely use Strategic Growth, Inc. again for consulting and would recommend them to others as well.”

- Mike Harmon, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, ESCO Communications
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“Our company is in the business of selling. We partner with companies to recruit, train and manage their sales teams. We use Salesforce for several of our customers and recently expanded our relationship with our largest client with a complex sales process and a complicated data source so decided to migrate from our previous CRM to We engaged with Strategic Growth to tackle the project. They moved quickly, coming onsite where we jointly white-boarded the design and gathered the requirements for the project. It was obvious from the beginning they are experts at what they do. If the consultant didn’t know the answer off the top of his head he quickly tapped the knowledge of the team at Strategic Growth and came back with the answer. We were very happy with the results of the project, so much so we are in the process of scoping out another project with Strategic Growth. I highly recommend using Strategic Growth for all your Salesforce implementation needs.”

- Jeff Purtell, COO, Acquirent, LLC
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Greenwich AeroGroup, Inc.

“Stop searching and give the Strategic Growth team a call. It will be the best and most important decision you can make as you start your Salesforce journey. I’ve been working with my consultant at Strategic Growth for two years now as we’ve slowly rolled Salesforce out to over a dozen companies spread out across the country. During our roll-out they delivered everything we asked for and more, on-time and within budget. They were initially hired to conduct our initial implementation but we’ve actually went back to them for three additional projects. I still call my consultant occasionally for some “mentoring” when I can’t get or find the answer, even when the Salesforce team can’t help! The level of knowledge, professionalism, and customer care they will provide you before, during, and after your implementation is nothing short of amazing. None of this is why I continue to use them though. The #1 reason is because of their ability to see mistakes before they’re made and alleviate them. We would have made several mistakes that could have really set us back and could have very well made our implementation a disaster. Due to their experience they were able to stop us and put us on the correct path to get where we wanted to go, keeping us moving forward. Because of this I would highly recommend them to anyone, and will always be a customer of theirs when situations arise.”

- Mike Richardson, CRM Director, Greenwhich AeroGroup, Inc.
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“Anova Furnishings recently completed a Strategic Growth, Inc. project and we are extremely satisfied. Our consultant was an absolute gem, managing her end of the project and keeping our team on track as well. Our consultant made recommendations for that we would have never considered and that have turned out to be integral to our process. We have a very complex sales process involving several teams within Anova as well as a robust partner channel. Our Strategic Growth consultant was able to quickly grasp the process and relate it to the architecture of She was very responsive and answered any questions we had quickly. At times, we have been wary of spending money on consultants, but this was a perfect experience and a great investment. We would absolutely recommend Strategic Growth to others for implementations and would utilize their services again should we have the need.”

- David Dean, Director of Internal Operations, ANOVA
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Sammons Financial Group, Inc.

“When Sammons Retirement Solutions decided to implement Salesforce, we hired Strategic Growth to guide us through the process. It was a great choice. We rolled out Salesforce to our Internal and External Wholesalers, our Business Development Team, Marketing and Compliance. We have a full view of all of our relationships through Salesforce, and after Strategic Growth helped us with the integration of our sales productivity data, we can better manage and grow our relationships.

- Jenny VanRees, Business Analyst, Sammons Financial Group, Inc.
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Fringe Benefit Group

“Fringe Benefit Group does not follow a typical sales process and had a specific use for in mind. Our Strategic Growth consultant worked to understand our needs and customize the tool to meet them. Our consultant was knowledgeable about and best practices and communicated well with us. The entire process was pretty seamless from design to training and I would definitely recommend Strategic Growth, Inc. for other implementations.

- John Conkling, Vice President of National Accounts, Fringe Benefit Group, LLP
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Hart Energy Publishing, LLP
“We are very happy with our experience working with Strategic Growth. Our consultant took the time to understand our business model, helped us understand how it mapped to the Salesforce system architecture, and explained how Best Practices would increase the value that the Salesforce deployment could provide to both end users and management. We very much enjoyed working with her as she helped us through a successful implementation, allowing us to gain insight and further expand our implementation to use SalesForce as a tool for other internal operations.”
- Mark Chiles, CTO, Hart Energy Publishing, LLP
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Miller Hospitality

“Miller Hospitality was using ACT as a contact repository and manual tools (paper, Excel) to handle the entire order/delivery capture processes. The process to capture/send an order was complex and creating delivery schedules or any needed reports was laborious and time consuming if possible at all. Our Strategic Growth consultant jumped in and quickly understood our needs and how to configure the system to suit our process. They held our hands when needed and went the extra mile to make sure that we really understood how to use the system, communicating best practices along the way. Our consultant was friendly, responsive, and very helpful in every possible way. We would absolutely use Strategic Growth for any projects related to and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

- Ray-Scott Miller, Owner, Miller Hospitality
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“Gravitant, Inc. worked with Strategic Growth, Inc. to implement Salesforce for our sales and marketing team. Strategic Growth was responsive, delivered on time and showed great experience and expertise. Their methodology and creativity helped us gain visibility into our pipeline, organize customer touch points and centralize our sales/marketing efforts. We now have a great foundation for success.”
- Mike Mallow, Director of Sales, Gravitant, Inc.
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“We worked with Strategic Growth, Inc. to implement Salesforce for our sales team. Our consultant worked with us to understand our unique and complex sales and forecasting process. Using an iterative design and configuration approach, we were able to implement our sales processes in Salesforce quickly. The implementation focused on creating an easy to use productivity tool for the sales reps and provides real-time, accurate and highly actionable information to our management team. Our consultant was responsive, knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with throughout the project. We highly recommend Strategic Growth, Inc. and will be using them for the second phase.”

- Kevin Vance, Director, Strategic Accounts, Tidel Engineering, L.P.
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Sigma Solutions
“One big thing – Strategic Growth’s consultants were very responsive and constantly interested in making Salesforce work best for our company.”
- Johanna Daily, Operations Manager, Sigma Solutions
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“Strategic Growth, Inc. did a great job enabling SailPoint to streamline Account Planning and integrate our third party Sales Methodology software into our current opportunity management process. The project had quite a few moving parts and the challenge of working with multiple vendors. Strategic Growth handled this challenge with ease and provided top notch guidance through the Visualforce design and implementation process. Our sales reps are happy all of their information is centralized in Salesforce, the sales process is streamlined and they are no longer working in two different systems. Our Project Manager was very professional, smart and organized. She was very responsive and we really enjoyed working with her. We would definitely use Strategic Growth again in the future should a need arise.”
- Jim Duster, Senior Director Sales Operations, SailPoint Technologies, Inc.
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Realty Austin
“As a rapidly growing and technologically advanced full service residential real estate firm, we have harnessed various internet technologies to remain one of the top 10 residential firms in Austin. To consistently meet our clients’ expectations, we hold our agents to a higher standard. Strategic Growth helped us implement Salesforce to ensure prompt and thorough follow up to all inquiries through our website. By being able to control and proactively monitor each agents’ lead inbox using Salesforce, we ensure that no client is neglected and that the agents manage an effective workload. In the end, Strategic Growth helped to ensure a quality experience for every client.”
- Jonathan Boatright, Principal/Realtor, Realty Austin
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Product Handling Concepts
“Strategic Growth did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. It was great timing since we just brought on three new sales representatives, in addition to just returning from a successful trade show with a nice amount of leads to manage. I can’t imagine managing our growth using Excel. Strategic Growth provided us with best practices for handling all aspects of the sales process from developing Campaigns and Leads to Accounts and Contacts, and Opportunity Product Pipeline. More importantly they taught us how to administrator and we look forward to turning on more Salesforce functionality with the support provided by Strategic Growth.”
- Russ Salzer, General Manager, Product Handling Concepts, LLC
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Inheriting Wisdom
“Our firm has been working with Strategic Growth for nearly a year and we honestly couldn’t have asked for a better Salesforce consultant. By asking the right questions, they quickly understood how our business team works and was able to quickly leverage their expertise with our workflow needs. What’s more, if Strategic Growth didn’t know the answer to a particular problem, they did the legwork to find the right solution for our business. Their responsiveness and knowledge base of Salesforce is outstanding. I would highly recommend Strategic Growth to any small or mid-size business looking to streamline their sales and marketing processes.”
- Seth Middleton, Manager, Inheriting Wisdom, LLC.
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Ignite! Learning
“In 2008 we had outgrown our open-source unsupported CRM and were beginning to feel our business becoming constrained by its limitations. After an exhaustive evaluation of available options, we selected for its flexibility and ease of use. Selecting was the easy part – understanding how to best implement our specific business requirements and to successfully migrate our critical customer data was extraordinarily challenging and we had no one on staff that was competent to handle the project. Enter Strategic Growth. The team came in, quickly gained an understanding of our business needs, and was able to guide us through the process in a short time frame. Their approach enabled us to realize value quickly and stay focused on the people and processes by engaging with our Sales staff for thorough training while minimizing the distraction from selling. Strategic Growth was the perfect bridge for us, and they made me look great in the process.”
- Josh Bohls, Director of Marketing & Sales Operations, Ignite! Learning
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Ducker Worldwide
“We are very pleased with the results of the project and appreciate Strategic Growth’s professionalism and responsiveness. They are a pleasure to work with and have been an excellent resource for our team. Strategic Growth helped to validate our processes and provided solutions which made our implementation successful. Our project manager was very knowledgeable and did a great job handling a big group during training . Thanks Strategic Growth for all of your help.”
- Brooke Cowell, Manager, Ducker Worldwide, LLC.
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The CMI Group
“I would say that there are three things I greatly enjoyed about Strategic Growth. The instructions that Strategic Growth provided were always clear and easy to understand. Their consultant gave us best practices and lessons learned that we could apply to the ‘real world’. And finally Strategic Growth taught us how to get the most out of Salesforce and how to use many different capabilities of which we may not otherwise have been aware.”
- Jeff Richardson, Director of IT, The CMI Group
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Buxton Company
“Strategic Growth is absolutely fantastic! I have worked with the Strategic Growth team for about 18 months now on various projects for our organization. They are absolutely the best at what they do. They have help us completely transform our business management practices through the use of Salesforce and have been key strategic partners. I highly recommend Strategic Growth to any organization that is serious about maximizing the value of their Salesforce investment. I can’t say enough good things…”
- Phillip Crow, Director of Finance, Buxton Company
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“We first engaged Strategic Growth when we had about 100 full time people. Now that Bazaarvoice is 500 people strong, we still turn to Strategic Growth for all of our hardest problems. Strategic Growth has been critical to the successful roll out of Salesforce automation. We quickly followed-up with a roll out to our services teams. Recently they’ve been working with us to automate our campaign to quote and contracts to order fulfillment processes. Our success with Salesforce would not have been possible without the phenomenal team at Strategic Growth. Business process, configuration, customization with Apex and Visualforce, even integration to our ERP system has been a success with Strategic Growth leading the charge. Their consultants have all been exceedingly seasoned with a vast array of Salesforce and experience.”
- Charlie Marriot, Director, Worldwide Client Operations and Insights, Bazaarvoice
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“We contacted Strategic Growth to help us implement for our Sales Team. We were transitioning from another product and wanted to ensure that our data was not only available, but that our users would actually use the new system. Our consultant was responsive to our questions and specific needs and very knowledgeable about Our consultant worked with us to fully understand our business processes and molded the tool to fit our needs. We now have reports and dashboards to drive user adoption and our new administrator is comfortable maintaining the system moving forward. Our team was extremely happy with the project overall and our results. The project was finished on time and within budget. We would definitely use Strategic Growth again and recommend them to others.”
- Steve McQueen, General Manager, Business Development, Adayana
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